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Skylights can make a major contribution to energy efficiency and comfort, and can be installed in both existing and new homes. They are an excellent source of natural light: they can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size, distributing it evenly, saving energy and improving your visual comfort levels.
Skylights can also increase the amenity of internal spaces that might otherwise require supplementary artificial lighting or ventilation, such as windowless rooms. They allow additional flexibility in architectural design. Even under overcast conditions the use of skylights can ensure spaces are predominantly lit by natural light, with little or no supplementary artificial lighting required.
A skylight can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size.

Sky lights types

A variety of factory manufactured skylight shapes exist for sloping or flat roofs. Most include shafts that can potentially exert as much influence over the energy properties as the skylight itself. Skylighting may also take the form of general glazed areas such as roof lights for atria,.
Skylights comes in wide range of styles and shapes  such as 
  • Roof Windows
  • Roof Lights
  • Skydome Skylight Systems (Tabular)
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illume  Shaftless Sky light 
illume™ Shaftless Solar Skylight system is the ambient skylight solution . illume™ enables home owners  to introduce the ambience of natural light to internal spaces where a traditional skylight cannot be fitted as well as avoiding many of the inherent problems with shafted systems such as leaks, bugs and heat transfer.

It comes 270 mm and 400 mm 

It's ideal for kitchens  ,ground floor corridors and internal bathrooms, can also enjoy the advantages of natural light that is in harmony with external conditions without the intrusive infrastructure of a light shaft.