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Roof Vacumming And Cleaning
why Old Insulation and Dust  should be removed
There are  many  reasons why one would choose to have old  insulation  and Roof  Dust removed
  • Insulation installed  over 20 years period will be deteriorated despite the type of Insulation installed ,Old  Insulation wont be effective as of the current Insulation. Old Insulation wont reach more than R 1.5 which is about 75 mm , where current Insulation can reach up nto R 6 or 275 mm in thickness  
  • There are times, however, when insulation doesn’t remain in its place. Fibers and fumes from some kinds of insulation, such as those containing asbestos or fiberglass, can sometimes pose a health risk to your and your family members , particularly if they become airborne by letting the fibres ,Older Dusty and Fumes  escaping through your ventilation systems such as Exhaust Fans and Downlights , however,  Asbestos  may be found in older home ,partincularily those who were built between 1930s and 1950s   from becoming a hazard to  families and kids. And, for those who need to install new insulation,  we highly recommend to remove the old Insulation and vacuum clean your Roof cavities ..
  • Older Roof , will help  the precense of pesticides, dead animals , dust mites and  pest feces

Thinking about Cleaning/vacumming your Roof  Integrity Insulation  can help  , simply call us for free Quote

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