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why choosing us ?

We install the best materials that suits your needs for your home - we use Polyester, Bradford, Knauf & Pink insulation Batts.By using GreenStuf insulation in your ceilings & wall, subfloor ,under floor studs and water pipes, you can reduce heat gain in summer & heat loss in winter by up to 40%.


Our wide range of  supplied and used insulation products are :

Environmentally friendly and Safety to use because its formaldehyde free. Nontoxic and chemical neutral, Noncombustible. It is unaffected by mold, mildew, and rot, and is resistant to vermin and insect attack.

All our products comes with 50 years and life time guarantee,our supplied insulation is fully compliant with the building Code of Australia (BCA) AS /NZS 4859.1 .Requirements will not sag or loose its loft over time -ensuring full performance (50 years durability).


what R value should I use ?

Most common used R value for ceilings is R 3.5 (171mm thickness)most common used R value for walls is R 2 (90mm thickness), however the more R value the more thermal resistance you gain . The R-value of a material describes its thermal resistance? How much the material inhibits the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value, the more effective the level of insulation.


Why insulation is important :


This can provide health benefits by reducing mold and damp. 

Further Tips :
Scientific evidence demonstrates that fiber glass is safe to manufacture, install and use when recommended work practices are followed to reduce temporary mechanical irritation.All fiber glass wools commonly used for thermal and acoustical insulation were reclassified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer ("IARC") in October 2001 as Not Classifiable as to carcinogenicity to humans ..